We service both residential and commercial clients

"These are our go-to tree experts. [They] have worked at a few different job sites for us..."

Tree Trimming

The key to a good healthy tree is pruning. Proper trimming is also good for preventing disease from spreading on a tree. Thinning out branches can help with airflow, making especially large trees less dangerous when the Pacific Northwest winds come. Another notable safety benfit of trimming is to keep trees away from utility lines and from causing vision obstruction to drivers.

Tree Planting

We love planting new trees. Especailly when they are replacing an old tree that's being removed. New trees can also be excellent for saving energy when planted at the right place, as well as preventing erosion. Also trees make great privacy screens while adding beauty and a wildlife habitat.

Stump Grinding

Leaving a stump behind after removing a tree is not a good idea. Even if you have removed the tree yourself, you should get a professional in to remove the stump. Dormant stumps attract insects, like beetles, termites, and ants. These will then affect the other plants in your yard. Not to mention that a rotting stump can get ugly and use up your precious yard space.

Tree Removal

Even the loveliest trees can become too dangerous to maintain. Especially after storms and broken limbs. Tree Expert NW offers the safe removal of any size tree.

And when a storm rolls through and things get dangerous, for your safety we also offer 24 hour emergency service, don't hestitate to call.

In Washington : 360-601-8146

Ornamental Trimming

Have you ever seen a perfect row of bushes and wished yours looked like that? Have you maybe tried it yourself, and it didn't turn out like you want it? Or maybe you've wanted one of those spiral trees. We do all that.

Tree Preservation

Keeping a tree healthy is more than just trimming. We offer a variety of other services like cabling, restoration pruning, tree injections, etc.