We're here to answer your tree service questions

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How long will it take?

Services vary in time. Often services can be completed in less than a day. Some larger projects, especially involving planting and maintenance of multiple trees can take longer.

Contact us for a free estimate of the time and cost your project would take.

Do you do ornamental pruning?

Yes. Our arborists are trained and experienced in all types of pruning and decorative tree trimming.

Do you top trees?

No. Tree topping is a dangerous process that leaves the tree vulnerable to rot, disease, and invasive insects. We offer many better alternatives to tree topping, like trimming or tree replacement.

Is my tree sick?

There are many things that can be harmful to trees in the Pacific Northwest. Bugs like spider mites, caterpillars, aphids and boring insects are common. There are also diseases like root rot, wilting diseases, mildew, and blight. Knowing what type of tree you have and what diseases it is prone to is crucial to figuring out a trees problem. Professionals like us at Tree Expert NW are experienced in dealing with local tree problems.

Do I need a tree permit?

More than likely, yes. The city of Vancouver, WA requires tree permits in most cases. Please refer to your city guidelines below for more direction:

What are your safety protocols?

We abide by all the regulations for tree service professionals. We wear hardhats and always use the proper safety equipment when dealing with trees.

What are your certifications?

We have a certified arborist on staff, as well as power line clearance certification. We are also members of International Society of Arboriculture.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured by AIC Insurance Agency LLC. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to contact Scott Timms at 360-828-5777.

What is your payment policy?

We also offer free estimates so you won't be surprised by the bill. And we only take payment once our work is completed.